Here I am with a new blog. The 3rd in the Silverbird Series and I find myself up the Creek without Paddles. No words to speak to you. A sadness on me once more. A pointlessness and lack of joy.

My eyes still celebrate. The camera still shows me a World I love but everything else is as ashes.  I even have a tinny now. I have so long wanted a Tinny. And it means nothing to me this week. Someplace – almost on the edge of NOT CARING – is where I live. I am wrestling the Internal Addict at the moment – the one who does not wish to engage in this Straight World at all. The one – who is not one of us.

All I need to do is ignore her and wait for the Mood to Change. She is Temperamental and Hurt. And Worried.

She will be OK in the Morning.


GRATITUDE- Julie said tonight. GRATITUDE. 

Great home to live in

Kids who love me.

a Tinny.

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