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O n this particular day, my recovered life looks like this. I’m sitting on my living room couch working (writing this), still wearing my pj’s and flip flops at 11am. I drove my daughter to school like this after getting her ready for Halloween dress up day. I have an abandoned kitten by my side that my sister found yesterday and since we are “cat people”, we of course adopted it. I’ve become its surrogate mother, or according to my children – grandmother. We now have four cats which is slightly unmanageable, but sometimes having a conscience can make life that way. I’ll get him (we think it’s a him) checked out at the vets later and get advice on how to care for a kitten too young to be away from its mother.

Source: What Friday In Recovery Looks Like. | I Love Recovery Cafe


I am going fully mental. The car overheated and now I have said I shall buy another one. My mind is bouncing off the walls of the skull cavity and I am inside – cold and dampened and pretty much losing the plot. I have a chance to do things differently again. Not freak out. Not despair. Make a decision or two. Stuff like that. The corn is as high as an elephant’s thigh.

Ah gee, some of us aren’t best equipped for life. Good times we live in nonetheless. I have finished the book I was reading and now I can just buy one in a few seconds and have it delivered to my Kindle immediately.

I am timid by nature and there is likely to be a shortcoming hidden within that.

FEAR I guess. Fear of something. Fear of Everything. Fear of Nothing at all.


For some reason, I am quite cheerful tonight. Its either that or eat worms. A big flock of birds just flew up. Its after midnight. I couldn’t see them just hear them and its rather an unusual thing. Wonder what they were.

Sometimes, well actually, FREQUENTLY, izzy and I would dance. Just wherever we were. Kitchen. Verandah. Well, I don’t know why I feel comfortable tonight and even happy but I do. I shall snuggle into bed soon.

Do some reading and leave all the Problems outside the Doors.