I have little to say once more. I got sick. Cellulitis in one leg and they whacked me into Bellingen Hospital which turned out to be a pleasant experience. Nothing like last year. A private room. Beautiful people and beautiful gardens.  I healed in many ways over the last 2 days but the words have run out. Today I was Home again and people came to visit. My leg is still sore. Not very but I can feel its presence.

Its one year since I was taken to Bellingen Hospital after being in ICU in Coffs for 3-4 weeks. Bellingen was a nightmare last year. I was put in Hartley House very weak and immobile.  DECONDITIONED is the term. I was put in a 4 bed warm with ladies with Alzheimers and the treatment was shocking. The conditions were horrible and I came home within a couple of days. Unfit to be home but knowing that that ward would see me deteriorate. It led to a very difficult year of carving a path of recovery without official assistance.

This time was different. It was as I recall Bellingen Hospital being over all these years. I had Kate there in 1978.  The staff was respectful, kind, efficient and I knew some of them from Music and Town. The food was better and my dear Julie took good care of me. Just as today she came and cleaned house for me and brought rainforest tea from Pomegranate Cafe in Urunga.It was good. I am to see a new Doctor on Friday up in North Bellingen. Dr Hammell. I shall get the tests done to take to Sydney in December. PaulN dropped Chinese herbs in to me today. He thinks its the bleeding causing most of the trouble. Making me weak.

It has been a lovely day. Wonderful temperature and blue skies and good people. I don’t want to think about things. Except the good things. Just for tonight.

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