Staying home seems to bring me as many adventures as going out does. Early in the day I spoke to Arkue in Sydney. Then Julie brought me Spaghetti Bol for my dinner. Little bit later,The Occupational Therapist came from the hospital and she was delightful. She gave me a bath chair and will send a commode chair tomorrow. We talked and laughed and I felt understood and validated at last. I ca call her whenever I feel like I need more support. This is the sort of thing I thought would be put into place last year but none of it happened.

Then the Psychologist came. I really like her but sadly she is a MINDFULNESS  psych and I don’t take to it at all. Nonetheless I really like her and she’s kind and she comes to me here.

Then an Ambulance came but it were not for me. It stopped across the street and one of my neighbours appears to have fallen while renovating. They took him away. He and his lady are good peoples too.

And later in the day, Bev Balloon came and I gave her some potatoes and beans and she brought me yoghurt due the antibiotics and we talked of this and that.

Then Pat M took a look at my Alfa. Worth only about  $500 – $900 – seemingly.  Nonetheless – he was also a very nice man.

That;s the day done. Kaybee had brought meals from Bello and I had one for dinner. I have the new Herbs from Paul. He is focussing on the bleeding rather than the liver. We will see. We will see.

Its flooding down South.

The Glory of the Ordinary Moments.



Keep the thinking within this one day. Do not mentally move one second into the days ahead.

the 3 gems of the day.

the bathroom chair

the lagoon

talking to my son

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