This is a new category for me for those days when I can’t think of anything to say. Grab a random image and contemplate.

I live in the Beach shack now. Been here about a year. I came here 6 months after Izzy died and 3 a couple of months after being in the Coma. Iz and I had lived at Raleigh since 2010 but the rent was higher than I could afford. It was isolated on my own and when I sat on the front verandah and looked down the long drive to the gate – I found myself waiting for him to come home, just like I did on the morning when he went for his run and never came came back. He had had a massive heart attack up in the forest and it was the Police who came up the drive that Saturday morning.

I was very glad to get a phone call offering me this wee Shack for a very cheap rent of $150 per week. Its tumbledown and shabby but its on the lagoon. Its old and lovely and has a fine garden, is near town and for now I am safe.

I have an Alfa Romeo as well. I bought it and Iz bought a Kombi. His girls have the Kombi and I have the Alfa, It had a dent in the door when this pic was taken and I spent $400 to get a new one and get it painted and then the next day it over heated on the way to Bellingen and and now I am afraid to use it because it seems the Head is cracked and I don’t wish to spend any more money on it. I also have an Astra which I just bought and now I don’t have a lot of money left. I don’t know what to do next so I am waiting – until direction comes.

This little street is a mini community and it has reduced my loneliness a good deal. It pleases me. Its a world I knew when I was young. Saltwater and sand and the lush almost tropical plants. The caravan is one we were given by a neighbour at Raleigh. It had been through a flood. Jaybee stayed in it a lot and now I have it here but its filled with Izzy’s books. I need them emptied out so that I can make it at least sleepable again.

I like my Shack. I am staying home again today. Its cold and damp and I am agoraphobic – seemingly. The fluid appears to be reduced today and my body is more comfortable. I am still weak and very weary with needling pain. I shall return to bed and read a while.

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