It looks to me like a storm is brewing. A big one. We will see. Its Jacaranda season. I like it best when there is a flame tree alongside but that doesn’t seem so common here as it was in Grafton. Saf has a jacaranda outside her window in their shack and she loves it. I have a big one beside me here and I love it.

I did the meeting this morning around in the Sailing Club and I guess we had a dozen or so people. It was on Step One and God’s Will. It didn’t entirely sink in because my meetings are so low but it began to work.

It surely is tropical today.


The heat built up today and so I took myself to the Lido for a swim. Met some people and chatted of this and that. Then I saw NanaB coming down and we swam and waited for H to kayak along from my place. It looked as though we were to get a big storm but it hit north and south of here and we were left with a beautiful afternoon.

I spoke to my brother and tomorrow I shall book plane tickets to Sydney and back. End of next week, so it is. To see the liver specialist.

And also to celebrate my brother’s 60th and also to  meet Louis who is my niece’s son .

And for the moment. One day done. Comfortable and able to breathe. Dinner cooked and eaten. Soft clothes on and  clean and sober.

3 GEMS for the day.

Swimming in the Lido.

Getting to the meeting.

Driving my new car.

12239331_10153280710436342_8530306690734959712_o (1)

Its night now. I have become accustomed to being at home alone.

Its night now and I return to  seemingly simplistic techniques of survival.

Counting blessings.

Not picking up.

Containing my thinking within the day.

With the massed confusion of thoughts and emotions that entwine me these days – a juvenile simplicity seems to work. For now.

We had a new man today. He had lost almost everything but then his face began to smile – and he said ” But I am not using “. That is also my fundamental joy. “I am not using. “

I am in fact in precisely the sort of house and place I have yearned for for many years. I have access to the saltwater and places to walk barefooted. I have my own kayak and a fine garden and a good fridge. I have the world of the internet and computers – enough to keep this eternally restless brain content.