THEY say it reached 42 degrees celsius here today. I was OK. Swam a couple of times. Siesta-ed. Stayed cool. Brierfield was still sick and also  extremely hot. I AM SO SLEEPY and really will just take myself to bed. Life is fucking tough for me despite the good stuff. Tough physically. I am getting my head around it but now I am sleepy and just need to go to bed and think about the good stuff. The swimming and chatting and good food and kind people. The Southerly blowing through now and bring the temperatures down. My Poppy at her book opening down in Merimbula.And one more day lived. Suck it dry, Girl. Suck every good juice out of it. Being able to get up barefooted and duck down to the lagoon to see the blood moon. Saltwater and fresh air and safety.

Good Night Southerly. See you all in the morning.