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I am back from the City. It was a gentle and happy experience. Right there in Step 3, I was. I enjoyed the air flights – as usual. This time I was quite at ease with the purchasing and booking etc. BIG improvement since July.

I am still breathless on only minor exertion. I tire very easily but my confused thinking was greatly reduced.

I spent an excellent time with my brother and his partner and explored rather a lot of Sydney for such a short visit. We re-visited our childhood suburbs and the house I went to as a 1/2 for rehab at Bondi. WE watched TV and laughed. We did go to the Doc at Liverpool Hospital.  Did the right things for the right reasons and danged if it didn’t work out rather beautifully.

I AM FAT. Obese as they say. We need to do something about that and then I may be a lot more well than I thought I could be. That’s the impression the Doc gave me. IF we can get weight down and other symptoms under control.

One of the side effects of last year’s dependency on others has been a mixing with people from a less than sober position. Well – I have been clean and sober but some of my needs have been met by People who are either new , not in Recovery or have other issues of their own and are quite unmanageable  – some paranoid. Some just shakey. The 2 AA meetings I did in Sydney restored me to some sanity and stability.

NOW IS THE TIME – for me to

  1. take diet more seriously.
  2. cull the neuro jobs from my life
  3. bring in some discipline.
  5. Be done with WHAT IFs.


Visited in December 2015.

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