His story is SO close to what has happened to me.


Sitting at home after visiting the beach and I stumbled across this message from Bob A and my goodness, lets take this seriously. It runs so close to my own experiences. And at the end he does take the Harvoni for his Hep C. I guess I shall take that path.

I, too, was on major drugs but didn’t seem stoned.

I, too, had all my family called in and they were told I was unlikely to recover and if I did it would be high care or palliative situation.

I, too, have been experiencing Doctors preparing me for end of life.

I believe that I have been brought through to be of use to other people. I don’t yet know exactly what but I am beginning. I do my locale meetings and online things and I hope that I will become well enough to travel and visit Meetings in other places. To bring EXPERIENCE, STRENGTH AND HOPE.

He also speaks of INTELLECTUAL CAPACITY and that affects me as well. I am NOT the same as I was before the Death and the Coma. I think he intimates that everything that happened through this had a point and now he works in a position which suits him well.

Why could I have not had Izzy as companion ?

No matter now. Don’t go looking for anything.I had that meditation a while back when I was doing my usual scream to God for help prayer – and heard a message that said clearly – “I ALREADY AM HELPING YOU “

“We don’t get brought through these things to not do something for other people. ” Bob A. 

” I am doing today the sort of thing I once may not have even thought of doing ”  Bob A

“If I operate out of a sense of shame, that’s relapse material for me”  Bob A