Perfectly beautiful morning. All my favourite elements of Summer and I am still alive. I am unwell, mind you and have a wee touch of the Panic with severe pain in my left shoulder blade and general lassitude.But it is a beautiful day. 

Hey – I managed with a loofah on a stick to put dencorub on my shoulder and damned if it don’t feel better. Pain is not a good look for me.It leads me into pastures grim.


And now in consideration of the week before Christmas :

Walk In Dry Places

Facing delays
The procrastination of our drinking years caused some of us to become compulsive and fearful about meeting deadlines. We fret and stew if we’re unable to get things done when we think they should be completed.
Without being careless or irresponsible, we should remember that we’re really living in a spiritual world on a spiritual basis. There are times when a delay even turns out to be beneficial because additional information or assistance turns up later on to ensure the success of a project.
It is part of mature living to keep promises and to meet the proper deadlines. Let’s be sure, however, that we’re not simply meeting unrealistic deadlines of our own making. We don’t have to do this to atone for any failures of the past.
I’ll look over my plans today to make sure that I haven’t set any unrealistic deadlines for myself. I may be trying too much, too soon.


Another day almost done.  Mostly spent in bed sleeping. Not so well today.  One thing I managed not to do was PANIC. I have spent a good bit of the last year PANICKING. I have been very flat and disappointed today to feel so weak but NOT PANICKING.

I ordered and sent a gift online for Mad and JB. I am still tense and worried about God knows what. Maybe Xmas is like that for a lot of people. Wanting to show the love I have for them and wondering whether or not I am overspending.

For now, the night is here. A star-filled sky and Eden on Facetime. The pain seems less at night. The depression lighter. The frangipani tree is flashing the coloured lights and I am clean and sober.


Twenty-Four Hours A Day

A.A. Thought For The Day

Unless we have the key of faith to unlock the meaning of life,
we are lost. We do not choose faith because it is one way for
us, but because it is the only way. Many have failed and will
fail. For we cannot live victoriously without faith; we are at
sea without a rudder or an anchor, drifting on the sea of life.
Wayfarers without a home. Our souls are restless until they
find rest in God. Without faith, our lives are a meaningless
succession of unrelated happenings, without rhyme or reason.
Have I come to rest in faith?