The town is gathered not far from my Shack.  Me – I am not going. Too many ingredients to make me uneasy. Parking, walking, sitting and Memories.

Its enough for me to know that it is on. Marian once told me that I would be taken care of when I couldn’t get to as many meetings as I wanted to – she reckoned that God knew I wanted to  be there and would look after me.

I like to think the same applies tonight and with other things whilst I am weak and weary.

One More Day

Life is not merely living but living in health. – Martial

Living in health may seem impossible for the chronically ill. After all, we reason, it’s difficult to live in health if we are sick.

In fact, living in health is an old fashioned tier, almost like a benediction. These days we want to experience the wellness that goes beyond physical health by emphasizing emotional and spiritual health. For the first time we can allow ourselves the right to wellness despite physical illness.

Even with an on-going illness, most of us don’t have constant pain or discomfort. there are many times we enjoy ourselves. Playing cards, gardening, going for a walk, praying, meditation — these activities exercise all of our being — physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

I will consider my wellness, not illness, my life goal.

The 20 Best Recovery Blogs

After the book Alcoholics Anonymous hit the shelves, more people became aware of 12-step and started to accept it as a viable alternative for dealing with addiction that didn’t involve a medical team and a straight jacket. Since then, various other methods of quitting drinking and drugging have come to fruition, one of them being Internet recovery. There is no formal or organized structure behind it; Internet recovery simply consists of reaching out for support via the web. This could be in a forum, an online rehab program or through a blog. Here is our list of the 20 best recovery blogs out there (in no particular order):

Source: The 20 Best Recovery Blogs