The Faith is back a little this morning despite no change in circumstances and the overpowering weariness. It Summertime and hot and there are baby plovers in the yard.

Eden has gone shopping in Merimbula and Brierfield may be coming for a visit. A helicopter is passing overhead. I like Beachshack Life. Its part of finding a way to make my life whole again. I did it way back in 1987 and then again on smaller scales in 1994, 2001 and 2007. But this is another 1987 type of BIG ONE.

I love days with the Kids. We have Facetime on and everyone talks and jokes. We also went to the Lido for a swim. That meant a walk along the Fairyland Path in strong winds. It didn’t matter. Precious days. I am very weak this week and in pain. I no longer know what causes it or what to do about it.

Once more I am robotic. That’s OK. So long as my actions don’t cause more harm to me or others.

Twenty-Four Hours A Day

A.A. Thought For The Day

Our faith should control the whole of our life. We
alcoholics were living a divided life. We had to find a
way to make it whole. When we were drinking, our lives
were made up of a lot of scattered and unrelated pieces.
We must pick up our lives and put them back together
again. We do it by recovering a faith in a Divine
Principle in the universe which hold us together and
holds the whole universe together and gives it meaning
and purpose. We surrender our disorganized lives to that
Power, we get into harmony with the Divine Spirit, and
our lives are made whole again. Is my life whole again?