6 years ago , we were waiting on the night of the 7th January for my daughter to have her first child. We were so excited and Izzy and I had a motel room in Coffs near the Hospital.

Well, that little girl will be 6 years old tomorrow and she is dearly loved. Iz adored her and she has played a major part in bringing me back from the edge through this last year or so. She is clever and fiery and beautiful.

Today we celebrated and were happy and Glory Be I remain so well that I have been able to attend her functions and walk and carry things and drive. I could not do that last year . It was too soon after the Coma and I was so ill.

This Lass threw away my walking sticks and told me I COULD SO WALK.

Thank you Saffron Lola.

Here is a story she wrote just a couple of weeks ago.




The eagle was a helpful bloke. He wore a red jacket and green jeans. He had brown tailfeathers.


The eagle’s home was an exotic tree. Once a storm blew his home down.


He just missed the lightning. It was lucky.


He found a migrating group. He tried to get a new home.


He found another tree that was home. It was bendy.




Then Christmas came. He had a barbecue.


This story is rated PG and M.


AUTHOR Saffron Gennat



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