I have just run headlong into a brick wall. When I think of getting the eye surgery and of going to the Hep C clinic – I freak out – and the Panic which has been my companion over the last year returns. I have one car off the road and not even starting and I don’t know how to sell it. I have another one which has far more faults that the Friend who sold it to me mentioned. I have KB’s car on the front lawn and out of rego and she has the Faulty one with her in the Bush and now its overheating as well. All 3 cars are blowing their gaskets.

And in that Spirit and feeling Fright and Confusion return, I went with the 3 Girls to Anchor’s Wharf Cafe and did as I learned to do with Izzy. I bought us all a damned fine lunch. It seemed the  illogical thing to do as my bank account withers on the vine – but it was the good and proper thing to do. Iz would have taken them out for lunch and been thrilled at their pleasure. Its what he did.

The Girls were dressed in pretty dresses and we were all happy. The Cafe is on the river and its a healing place for me.

$87 for lunch and well worth it !

We came home and I minded the Girls who love being here while she did my shopping for me. We watched the Mole video about WHO POOPED ON MY HEAD and  we watched Monster High and GRUESOME TALES FOR GRIZZLY KIDS and then Clacker and I sat outside with the hose and were entirely happy.

I have NO idea what to do about things now and so – instead of fixing things and then turning to God – I am once again going to turn to God for the Weekend and let God fix it.

Marian used to say to me – if a child has a basket of wool and they are all tangled, she takes it to her Mother and her Mother says – go outside and play and I will sort them out and call you when they are done.


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