I thought that I would be spending today at home but KB called and we went shopping at Aldi. All 4 of us. W did Maccas first and then Aldi and we even played some practical jokes on one another and laughed a lot.

Another achievement today was that I woke and was able to find the missing power adapter for the SLATE 21. Life has not been easy with the Panic, Grief, Muddle Headedness and General Confusion and each time something clicks into place is just plain delightful. So there was the adapter sitting right in the power board. I set up the Slate which is a giant android and now I do believe I shall be able to watch movies etc.

My brain begins working a step by a step.

My body is doing damned well. I can go round the shops now. I can drive.

I am lucky. Very lucky indeed.

What an unseen journey this has been. IS. It ain’t over. My leg no longer feels as if I have to direct it consciously and pull it in from the side. It walks ALMOST in line with the other leg and my body now.

Today we LAUGHED. Today we were happy.

Good Night, Iz. I am getting better.


One More Day

The future is an opaque mirror. Anyone who looks into it sees nothing but the dim outlines of an old and worried face.
Jim Bishop

When we were young, our mirrors reflect our outer appearance. Later, mirrors seem to reflect also the inward self. Worry and joy can etch themselves into our facial expressions; anger or love can gaze out from our eyes. If we have refused to forgive, our bitterness stares back at us. If we have chosen to isolate ourselves, our loneliness is there. But if our choices have been openness, humor, and understanding — all of these clearly shine out for all to see.

Each day , without realizing it, we are making choices for behaviors and thoughts that will help create either a serene and joyful face or an old and worried one. The choice is ours.



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