Twenty-Four Hours A Day

A.A. Thought For The Day

The new life can’t be built in a day. We have to take the
program slowly, a little at a time. Our subconscious
minds have to be re-educated. We have to learn to think
differently. We have to get used to sober thinking
instead of alcoholic thinking. Anyone who tries it, knows
that the old alcoholic thinking is apt to come back on us
when we least expect it. Building a new life is a slow
process, but it can be done if we really follow the A.A.
program. Am I building a new life on the foundation of

Meditation For The Day

I will pray daily for faith, for it is God’s gift. On
faith alone depends the answer to my prayers. God gives
it to me in response to my prayers, because it is a
necessary weapon for me to possess for the overcoming of
all adverse conditions and the accomplishments of all good in my life. Therefore, I will work at strengthening
my faith.


Funny old day really. Meeting and then a day with Dani. We took the Yellow Rock Road and then up to Izzy’s Place in the Forest. Then I took her for lunch at the OVH and we had lamb cutlets.  Back here for a cuppa and potter and P from over the road put the Alfa’s battery on the charger.

I am settled in now for the evening.A new life cannot be built quickly. Slowly , Girl. Slowly.  One step at a time. I am less well today but have decided not to go straight to despair this time.

First, I do as I did last night. All that I have said or done today is said and done. What happens now is none of my business.

What I did not do or say is undone and unsaid for the day. What happens about that is none of my business.

Tonight, I am going to just play with images and words in