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Today was a little easier. A meeting in me. Sorted the transport to Bellingen tomorrow. I will – all being well – see their house tomorrow after the Doctor.

Today I have confusion back and blurry head. I don’t know which thing is causing it. I also heard an extremely negative report re the Harvoni and from a reliable man who ended up in ICU a few weeks into it. The decisions around this are not easy for me to make.  D from Nambucca is also being knocked about by it.  One of the women doesn’t think its affecting her too much but she is new with little awareness of self love as yet. So – I WAIT.

I have ridden the Motorised Pony some more. Went for 2 swims. I still cannot seem to add ANYTHING without becoming overwhelmed. It doesn’t matter. It gets done – it gets done. It doesn’t get done – then it doesn’t get done.

This day is just about done.It is VERY hot and I shall shower one more time and sleep with the fan on.

I shall endeavour to keep my thinking within this one day. Clean and sober. A meeting. Lunch with 2 of the women. Talks with new people. I know that is what works even when it doesn’t feel specially like it.

I am OK tonight. Delighting in the Online World.


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