ONE NIGHT IN HOSPITAL and now  am home again.

I liked it in there and would have stayed – just lying there doing nothing. But they sent me home.

It is wet and cold and I am so tired.

Aren and Roch brought me dinner. J and P brought me home. I visited with Kaybee and Co. Now I am on Facetime with Eden.

I SHALL RESEARCH TONIGHT and if they are opioids – they go in the bin. That won’t be as easy as usual because I am at the limits of the pain I can handle.

I am taking some tablets which Dr C said are non narcotic and not paracetamol but looking at the Internet it calls them opioid. They are for the pain.

I don’t know anything today. More needles and bloods and canulas.

And a whole lot of good people.

I am quite happy tonight. Bereft of thought but happy enough.


Jaybee was flying the drone in their living room.

Bed soon. Early. Hopefully to sleep without the pain in my back.

 Language Of Letting Go

Revel in the void

In the original Language of Letting Go, I talked about the in between places in our lives. Those are the uncomfortable places along the journey where you’re not where you were but you’re not where you’re going yet,either. I talked about accepting that place, no matter how difficult it might be.

Let’s look at this place again. Only now, we’ll call it the void. Take another look at that moment when one door has closed behind you and you’re standing in that dark hallway, but no door opens up. Or you let go of whatever you’ve been grasping so tightly and stand there with an empty hand. Don’t say woohoo just when you begin something new. Feel the woohoo of this moment,too! Embrace the void. This wonderful in-between place holds the keys to all creation. In the biblical story of creation, God began with a clean slate like the one you may face now. It was the magic and mystery of the void that allowed all of this wonderful creation to be.

If you’re at an in-between place, don’t just accept it. Revel in it, embrace it, rejoice at your opportunity to sit in the birth-place of all that will come along your path. Relax into the void and allow creation to flow.

God, help me embrace the void and allow it to bring forth what it will, rather than trying to force something that really doesn’t fit.


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