The day is just starting. I turned the power off last night and was not incinerated by the faulty power during the night. Its a lovely morning. Soft and gentle with cool breeze.

I came to the conclusion whilst in bed last night – not a very original decision considering 28 years in recovery and having been taught it all along – I came to the conclusion that there is ONE main thing wrong and ONE main thing causing the seeming depression and ONE main danger to me and it is LACK OF MEETINGS.

Its not lack of exercise.

Its not diet.

Its not anything that needs a psychologist.




More Language Of Letting Go

Starting over

How many times do we have to start over?

Many changes in our lives signal a major ending or beginning: death, birth, graduation, marriage, divorce, moving to a new home, getting sober, losing a job, or beginning a new career. We look around and think, Here we go. I’m starting over again.

Sometimes we don’t catch on at first. Sometimes it just feels like day after day of the same old thing as the old fades away and the new begins. Sometimes it feels like our lives have just stopped. Whether we believe it or not, when one cycle ends, a new one begins.

If life as you have known it is disappearing, it may be time to let go. Even if you can’t see it now– and you probably can’t– a new life will begin fading in to take its place. You and your life are being transformed.

How many times do we have to start over? As many times as life as we know it ends.

Say woohoo. You’re being born again.

God, help me trust that a new life awaits me if life as I’ve known it is fading away. Give me the patience and trust to sink joyfully into the void.




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