lynne prof 2

I have just about given up trying to shake free of the depression.

Just about given up trying to hold together my home and lifestyle.

I have just about given up.


I SHALL dig up a few things to be grateful for despite a deep desire to fall apart.

I have not yet fried from the malfunctioning power box and wiring.

My girls came to visit today and brought me delicious Bellingen Food from the GreenGrocer.

I spoke with my son whom I love dearly.

I can hear the ocean tonight and the temperature is just about perfect.

I rode the Pony clear all the way past the Golf Club.

My friend Arkue is to come tomorrow from Sydney.

The white hibiscus is blooming again.

I had dinner. And fresh fruit.

And the horrible pain of last week is gone.

In addition, my legs remain almost fluid free and I have ankles and can move around. I have wrists and my face is not all puffed from fluid.


3 things I achieved:

  1. booked the eye specialist.
  2. booked community transport for both medical appointments.
  3. cooked dinner.


For tonight , time to put away the darker and deeper thoughts. Put away till morning the fears that are stalking and making me stiff shouldered and wretched.  Put away the memories which reach my hand out for him in bed. And simply WAIT.


Meditation For The Day

There is almost no work in life so hard as waiting. And
yet God wants me to wait. All motion is more easy than
calm waiting, and yet I must wait until God shows me His
will. So many people have marred their work and hindered
the growth of their spiritual lives by too much activity.
If I wait patiently, preparing myself always, I will be
some day at the place where I would be. And much toil
and activity could not have accomplished the journey so

Prayer For The Day

I pray that I may wait patiently. I pray that I may trust
God and keep preparing myself for a better life.


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