Beginning to see miraculous wee things happening.

My  Girl made sure I had food and drink and Love.

My Boy has ordered my new camera online.

I am almighty lucky.

Neil W came and did the lawns today and will do more tomorrow.

I have been crook. I think the post below this explains a lot now. Now and then I just take to my bed non-functioning. I really can’t handle one single bit more load than the simple pattern I am forming.

So today I lay around with collywobbles and Desired Disappearance. Paul N brought herbs and humour around. Kaybee and Clarz came and Neil W came to do the yard. Pretty good actually. Except for the slight heaviness.

Later in the day, with the heat still pretty formidable, I took a ride around to the Lido. The water is really warm and really salty and I get most of my exercise there Mullet were a jumping today. ON the way there I had he delightful encounter below.

Just rode my Motorised Pony round to the Lido. Spotted a flock of little tiny boys who all stood in shock at the sight of me emerging from the Back Track. So I put tje headlight on and bipped the horn. When I got close they were all in a row , open-mouthed.
“We thought it was a Train but it a magic motorbike and a witch is riding it ”
They proceeded to stroke my hair and asked what colour it was – ” white “. That seemed to amaze them.
Then I told them the names of their parents which freaked them even more. ( No need to tell them I taught their parents and they all looked like little replicas).
They then informed me that they were all little boys because they all had little willies.
Funny times.


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