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ANOTHER MEETING and some odds and ends. Today was OK. 

A woman delivered a lentil and ham soup to me for my dinner. That was a very fine thing. These are tough years – these years of growing old and ill. Forming a new mindset. I took a ride on the Pony round to the Golf Club and back. It soothes my spirit and I feel free for a time. I did some phone talking and the meeting and let a couple of people help me. My Lad and his Lass might be coming to visit soon and I might go back to Eden with them. I would like that. Maybe then I can go to Mosman on the return journey. And I have flowers and the new Nikon which is taking beautiful shots for me.

One more day across the Wasteland.

Journey to the Heart

Let Your Visions Guide You

Visions are different from dreams. A vision is a picture that comes from the soul and comes out through the heart.

A vision is a small glimpse of light that shines and shows us our path. It is a quick flash of something that hasn’t happened yet. It may tell us something about today or ten years from now. Visions occur when our souls look at the map for our lives, get a sense of where we’re going, and tell our hearts how to find that place. The more conscious and clear and direct we are, the more we can tune into and help create the highest vision for our lives.

What do you want? What would feel right? What do you see yourself doing? Be clear and concise, then let it go. Sometimes when we run out of dreams, we have to rely on our visions, these small glimpses of light, to lead the way. Learn to see the visions in your heart. Learn to trust them. Learn to help create them. Allow them to manifest themselves. When the path is dark, learn to be comfortable with these small bursts of light.

Let your visions guide you home.


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