Dropping Expectations – an OSHO Quote – OSHO Times Blog

12919772_10153550350696342_6320405989195135578_nI’m losing my expectations. I expected to be very different here. I expected great progress to be made… to be more meditative. I thought great things would happen to me, but I feel, if anything, that I have more bad habits, more problems. In fact bad habits I haven’t had for three, four years, have come again. I feel those expectations are going to go if I can drop them, and maybe I can.“This is the great thing that has happened that you are ready to drop the expectation. That is the greatest thing that can happen to a person, the greatest progress that can be made. The human mind is so stupid, it goes on expecting. It exists through expectations. It is a great moment if you can really drop all expectations. And when all expectations are dropped, then anything that you have repressed in the past will come back. You call them bad habits. Your very word, the choice of the word, says that you must have repressed them. You may not have been able to accept them, so you rejected them.Now when expectations are falling and you are becoming natural, all those rejected, disclaimed parts will again claim. They would like to be absorbed in your being. They are yours. You have been trying to forget them. You have been throwing them into the basement but now, when you are becoming natural, they will say ‘Let us also come back home.’ So please don’t call them bad any more, otherwise you will again repress them.

Source: Dropping Expectations – an OSHO Quote – OSHO Times Blog


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