Well there you go. I did the Suggested Thing and got out there past my nervousness and resistance. Had a good time in an odd way. Chatted and drank iced tea and took photos. God I am lonesome most of the time.

People said great things about my Izzy. We chatted and – Geez , him and me we was good peoples. I don’t know how to be good peoples on my own.

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Down South the Eden people walked the Bundian Way and sent me videos with bellbirds calling .

I swear that this evening my head is slightly out of the swamp and filth of despair.

Fenua who makes FART furniture spoke with me . He said Iz ran past his place each morning and he wanted to stop and talk with him but didn’t get to. He credited Iz with helping revive music down here.

I spoke with friends and strangers and My dear Hug Wad of whom I am very fond joked with me.

I spoke with the record man. Ah Lord I have a history here but my familiar restlessness is upon me.

It don’t matter tonight because the anguish has passed once more. I am less lonely. Less unsure. Still clean and sober.

Good as it gets sometimes. Now Facetime with Eden. I have eaten a roast dinner from Meals on Wheels and seem able to breathe more easily after dark.

I have encountered Gentleness and Kindness and laughter today. Makes a difference.



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