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The caravan was gone before I got out of bed this morning and a gift via the Courier was on the doorstep. A mother’s day present from Eden.

All in all a pleasant day. I remain unsettled here even though Ana did not come and the studio looks more unlikely. I just do a day . Sum total. DO ONE DAY.  My Girls and me hung out. I can begin on the side passage myself. I rode the pony all the way round past Chinatown. It malfunctioned opposite the sailing club but people came to help me and I called Hickeys . Somehows I got it going myself. I cancelled Meals on Wheels. But in a friendly and courteous manner. I am doing a farewelling as I have done often before.

I am farewelling old age services and the lagoon. I have left them before. I am planning some variations and some travel. I am farewelling the first year of hard mourning and profound illness. Of despair and acceptance.

I am farewelling the massive losses and preparing for the next stage whatever it may be. Today is done. The bleeding is almost stopped. The neck is still sore but greatly improved.

Today Saf was chosen as the only child in her class to be assessed for Gifted and Talented. Not bed, eh ?

Keep packing Lynne. Regardless. Do each day and then leave it be.


I need some magic back. I need some excitement and some colour and music and poetry. I am back on the Baseline. Gently now. Gently now.