Today’s project was to get the yard done. Neil arrived but I had already booked Sandy and Mark so I stuck with it. It was what one would call a vigorous clean up. Interesting.I might carry the ideas into the rest of my life. Keep stripping. Keep stripping back.  I just did it. Despite any emotions. Day done. Yard cleaned. Food eaten. time for an evening at home. Mad’s in Canberra for her birthday. I am clean and sober. I need to speak to Ana. And set to work on Izzy’s books and things.

It isn’t easy to go and look at your man dead beside a road in a forest. It isn’t easy at all. I WISH  I had the whipper snipper. I would hack through EVERYTHING. I am going to get rid of almost everything that I own. That’s what I am going to do. Might as well begin with Tutty’s Yardwork. Well, actually, I have already done Alfie and Caravan.  Next – the Carport.  It sure will be interesting to know what internally is matching these externals.





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