Took a pony ride and did some shopping and saw the moonrise. Bumped into a YSM as well. One I haven’t liked but she is hanging in which is more than KLB is doing – locked up and violent now.

As for me , I saw the moonrise. Jan next door did my washing for me, now that none of my machines is working.

I heard that Julie from across the road passed away this week from some horrible wasting disease.

My neck is a lot less painful today and I am eating the type of foods that I eat instead of the Meals on Wheels.

And I am OK one more day. I was able to climb up on the lounge to re-hang the curtains that had fallen down.  I have a guitar coming to me from Shaggy for Izzy’s ” shrine” and I have chosen the picture I want lacquered.

And tonight I saw the moon.



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