Twenty-Second Blog: The Acupuncture Experience

Really quite remarkable to me actually and I thought you might appreciate the experience.  As always its up to you to decide what treatments are right for you.  I assure you if you have a preconceived notion something might not work.  You will be correct.  Your body will respond to what the mind is ready to comprehend.  That’s why I am cautious about over researching anything until I have my own experience.  Lets be honest, things we read will not convince us of anything without resonance, and resonance requires an experience.  Those damn comfort zones really aren’t doing anyone any good in my opinion.  It seems to me when we actually step out of the box is when the light actually warms us. Here are a few articles for those researchers and data gatherers for you to consider.  Turns out that acupuncture has been around for thousands of years.  Lost in a pharmaceutical feeding frenzy designed to make things faster and easier…Ironic to me that we find in a society filled with convenience that the easiest things in life are rarely the best things.  It is indeed time for many to wake up to the responsibility of our magnificence. Its easy to get cramps while stuffed into those boxes.  lol  Maybe acupuncture can help you with that. HaSo my overall rating of acupuncture…two enthusiastic thumbs up…or the litmus test I consider the most powerful in my heart….Yes I would and did recommend it to my Mother…lol

Source: Twenty-Second Blog: The Acupuncture Experience

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