BEST I challenge myself to some serious cultivation of grateful thinking for a little while.

BEST I use images to do it because they speak most clearly to me.

The first one is BIRTHDAYS. Since Izzy’s death and my Coma, I have had 2 more years of BIRTHDAYS. Our redhead loved her cake from the Cheesecake Shop in Coffs Harbour – and I was there to help her choose it. I have seen the little girls grow 2 seasons each.

That was not going to happen. Remember this, Lynne. Remember this.

I have GRANDCHILDREN and I have held babies. And today I went shopping with the 3 year old and her Mum. Come on Girl, claw your way back from the cesspit once more and think about the BABIES and the CHILDREN.


Day done. Jules back from long holiday which meant a lift to the Urunga AA meeting. It was cold but it was excellent.


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