How very odd. I went to the Markets by myself after yet another sleepless night. Bought a new bag for the pony and then got a tarot reading which is not something I often do. In fact its only the 2nd or 3rd one ever although I can read them myself. She knew a lot about us.

She says He wants me to stay. Its not time to go. She knew a lot more specifics than that but I am keeping them private.

We had a good time at the Markets, the Kids and me. And then we found a long jump pit. All in all – a pleasant day. Well- maybe something deeper than that.

The Corner remains turned although some days are still rough. I KNOW he is DEAD now. And I also know that a young woman sees sprites where I see the Beings and the girls see the fairies.

We ride 3 up on the Pony and we laugh a lot.

Then I have Eden on Facetime.

The Tarot Child tells me to move out of God’s Waiting Room – a name by which Urunga is often known.