Briefest of Briefs.

I went to Toormina with the Girls and we had fun and a hot dog and a doughnut. I bought 2 shirts and a bag – I do not purchase things easily. I am therefore delighted with myself. Kaybee has my washing with her. These days are busy days and I am able to do them although I do weary. I did not bleed today.

I did have plans for this afternoon and this evening. They did not come about for reasons which I shall not write here. Suffice to say that I recover a little and am less willing to pretzel for other people or to try to read their minds.

I therefore missed a music gig and  postponed the studio. Bravo, M’Lady. Bravo.

I am a woman in long term recovery and totally unwilling to be playing silly buggars with anyone or anything.

And I tell you – I have had 2 vulnerable years and met an awful lot of Loonies – mostly in official positions. No more Nutters, if you please.


50 people were shot dead in Orlando Florida by a nutter and there were not enough ambulances.

A policewoman shot 3 old ladies shopping in Hornsby when a mentally ill man came at her.  She panicked and fired wildly.

A Nutter took hostages in a Sydney cafe and once more the police blew it.

I do not think highly of any of the “Institutions”.  And yet I was compelled to allow them to charge me $5000 for a funeral and then render me unconscious for weeks.

I live in a crumbling civilisation.  How very odd.

Still fiddling as Rome burns.


And now my few minutes of Izzy Re-membering.  HIs songs. HIs face. His beautiful hands.

That is all I can do.