Retirement from anxieties of every kind; entering into no disputes; avoiding all frivolous talk; and simplifying everything we engage in, whether in a way of doing or suffering; denying the imagination its false activities, and the intellect its false searchings after what it cannot obtain,—these seem to be some of the steps that lead to surrender to the spirituality of our lives.

– JAMES P. GREAVES (para.)

A day at home. Council still consuming the street. I had planned to go for a blood test but just can’t get the oomph up to do so. Have to go all the way to Bellingen now to do so.

And as the day passed, Liss visited and Kaybee and Clarz and we talked and shopped. Had Bakery lunch. The workers worked on the footpath and I slept the afternoon. Tonight I spoke with Arkue and now I am settled in in the manner to which I am becoming accustomed once more. Warm and quiet and studious. Still in pain from my neck but that is all.

The love is healing me. Gently and gently.