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That is the biggest day I have had yet as regards walking and standing and crowds. Wonderful.

I had my first chat with a band like I used to when Iz was alive. The BLUE SKILLET ROVERS from up North near where we lived and one of them plays with Scrubby Pete. WE talked of setting up and packing up and all sorts of things.

The Girls had a truly magic day and I am happy.

I have a fluid buildup and some nose bleed plus pain under the left shoulder blade – but I remain HAPPY tonight.

Facetime with Eden now and settled in. I also scored a pair of brand new masseuse sandals – perfect fit- for $10 . I had been wanting some for longtime and couldn’t find any. WE ate well in the Greetings Park in Bellingen. I had rose lemonade. I want to go and live up there but rents seem to defeat me and so does the whole moving process but I would like to be where I could access more entertainment and shops and people easily. NO matter – not tonight. I remain in Surrender because I am finding peace therein.

My friend in Boston – well her husband died this week.  Its a wonderful time in this world when we can all communicate. Across the Oceans. About the good times and the hard times.

They are laughing in Eden.

8 BUS 3

WE rode on the top deck of the double decker bus just like when I was a kid. I even managed to get up and down the stairs.  It was good seeing the town from a height.