About the SilverBird.


My free quota has been used up again and so comes the need for the 3rd SilverBird. Its been over a year since Izzy died and just on the Year since I emerged from a long sepsis pneumonia coma. I am now 28 years clean and sober and I am much altered in this last 15-16 months. Lets see what happens now. 

“You think that their
dying is the worst
thing that could happen.

Then they stay dead.”

― Donald Hall

11220792_10153318891031342_4927489009527285554_n (1)
nellibell49 in december 2015

 brief bio.

Let me think. I am from a suburb of Sydney in Australia and had a fairly happy childhood but hit the alcohol and drugs as a young teacher and spent 20 odd years in the Wilderness before coming into Recovery in 1987. Been through many things since then but the last year has been perhaps the toughest with my man Izzy Foreal dying suddenly and then me going into a sepsis pneumonia and long coma.

That’s what has driven me to blogging about my recovery. Its been a matter of clinging close and rebuilding a fractured woman.


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