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I don’t usually vote anymore. I decided today that I would. The booth was at Urunga Primary School where I taught a great deal. It felt funny turning up there on my pony instead of walking in as a teacher.

Been a quiet day. A couple of conversations.  Some sleeping. More washing done. Not much I wish to say tonight.

Facetime with Eden now and an evening of Facebook , Blogs, Facetime and perhaps I shall watch an election evening for old time’s sake.

Nearing Midnight : Before I attempt sleep which remains somewhat treacherous still, I have been thinking that its been a while since I was really afraid. IN addition, I was able today to do quite a lot by my standards including washing floors, clothes and tidying some things up. They are big improvements. I seem to have stopped lusting after what was or what is not here as yet if ever. Enough defeats to grind me into the Calmness of Acceptance of things exactly as they are.





Another small day. Hungry though I become for “MORE” , the small days seem to be suiting me well.

I have spaghetti to warm for dinner.

Today has seen a marked improvement. I seem to have been able to stop the bleeding with the tablets and today I have been fit enough to walk and wash clothes and hang them as well as oiling the wooden shack floors.

Now its Facetime with Eden. Friday Evening.

WordPress post thingo has been playing up and Facebook photos are looping out so I am learning all manner of things.


Taking a look at Astrodienst – just for interest.

Pluto trine Saturn: Toughening upEnd of January 2015 until beginning of December 2016: At this time you will make gradual but very profound changes in your life and create structures that will last a long time. You work at this task with great patience and attention to detail, because you are not working for today only. You are working for tomorrow as well.This influence confers great endurance, which enables you to work slowly over a long period of time to eliminate those elements of your life that have become unnecessary and limiting, replacing them with structures that are more relevant to your present activities.This is a period of slow but profound change within yourself also. Certain aspects of your character are changing and taking on a form that will last for many years. This change may be reflected in certain external changes in your public appearance or any other important activity in your life.You are likely to be very careful about everything that you do under this influence. Because you try not to waste anything, the people around you may think you are excessively conservative. But really you are just acting with great discipline.Whether or not it is necessary, you are able now to get along with very little in the way of material goods. And you have a phenomenal ability to contend with adversity if you have to. This influence has the effect of toughening you up considerably.A related effect is that persons in authority may give you considerable power to reorganize a structure at some level. They are acknowledging your disciplined, orderly approach to every task, which is characteristic of this influence.

lynne bw turn

Pluto square Neptune: Individuality ignoredBeginning of February 2015 until mid-December 2016: During this time you will have to cope with powerful outside forces that seem to take no regard of your individual ego. Your individuality will not be challenged so much as ignored, unless you stand in the way of these forces, in which case you may have some extremely discouraging experiences.Elements of your life that you have always counted on may begin to pass away in ways that are extremely difficult to understand. There will be no dramatic signs of social struggle and change, but the old order is passing away. What may be most difficult to accept is that there seems to be nothing that you can fight directly. It is as if many circumstances, relationships, possessions and various other conditions of your life have lost their right to be and are withering away. You can waste your time regretting this situation, thereby putting yourself into the same position, or you can come to terms with the new world and become part of it. This is one of the decisions you will have to make, although probably your internal conditioning will determine your decision in advance.Another side of this influence is that hidden aspects of your unconscious mind may flare up and begin to influence your life now. Elements of your personality that you prefer to keep hidden from others may become so evident that you can no longer avoid them.The only solution, therefore, is to deal with them. They are probably not as bad as you think anyway. It is not their intrinsic nature but repression that makes them seem bad. Now you must throw away the past conditioning that makes you reject these perfectly valid aspects of yourself.


Jupiter trine Jupiter: An opportunityEnd of December 2015 until mid-August 2016: This influence usually represents a time of optimism and positive thinking in your life. You seem to be at a quiet point of balance that enables you to look over the affairs of your life and get a good perspective on them. Therefore, it is a good time to make long-range plans and to reorganize. You should use this time to gain new perspectives through education or travel or by participating in one of the consciousness raising activities or groups that exist now.This is a time of psychological and physical equilibrium. If you have recently been ill in either body or mind, this influence will help tremendously with the healing process.This is also a good time to examine your ideals and your goals, for it may be possible to actualize them in various ways now. At other times there is too much tension in your life or too much resistance from others. If you are involved in any movement for reform, now is a good time to take some positive action. Or you might become more involved in religion or philosophy, because you need to know much that is beyond the apparent order of things.It is quite possible that you will do nothing during this time, because it gives you a feeling of balance but no drive to do anything in particular. You have an unusual sense of ease and relaxation now. This is also a good time to travel, both for relaxation and for educational reasons.The important point to remember with this influence is that it is fundamentally an opportunity. You will not feel driven by any energies, nor will you feel any resistance to your efforts to do something. You can make great use of this time, but you have to take the initiative.


Uranus opposition Sun: Security vs. freedomBeginning of July 2016 until beginning of March 2018: During this time you should look for sudden changes in your environment that challenge your expression as an individual and force you to take a stand about what you really are. A sudden challenge in the outer world may force you to take more responsibility for your life. Typical effects of this influence would include sudden events concerning men; unexpected circumstances that force you to change your course of action; sudden changes in a relationship, especially if you have not allowed self-expression for yourself or your partner; and sudden changes in health, involving your heart and circulatory system especially.By this time you have built up a lifestyle that you consider valid and practically realizable. Most adults by now have given up certain ideals and goals as impossible. You have probably surrendered large parts of yourself as an accommodation with reality. The suppressed energies from this source lie behind the manifestation of this influence. It demands that hidden pressures be released, but you will probably feel that these events are happening to you rather than that you are doing them. What is happening is the passing away of something that has prevented you from being free. The trouble is that most people come to value security and predictability over freedom of self-expression. Consequently this influence is frequently upsetting.


Jupiter conjunction Mercury: ForesightFrom 8 October 2016 until 17 October 2016: At this time you are able to combine breadth of vision with sharp perception and intellect, knowledge of the particular with knowledge of the general, and thereby see the whole scope of anything you are involved in. This reveals itself as foresight and long-range planning ability. This is a good time to map out your future, because you can understand and interrelate all the elements that will affect your life.At the same time, you feel optimistic and proceed with the belief that everything will come out exactly as you want it to. And it probably will, because you don’t get completely carried away with grandiose thinking. This influence usually indicates a good balance between details and generality in your thinking, but there is also a tendency to deemphasize the details and not pay adequate attention to them. If you are not careful, this can result in sloppy or hasty thinking. Be sure to slow down somewhat and do not get carried away with your plans. Otherwise, this is an excellent time to make decisions or to conclude any kind of transaction. It is a superb time to buy or sell, because you will almost certainly be satisfied with the deal.As your mind tries to expand, you will want to learn more and more. This is a good time for returning to school, but even on a less formal level you will be anxious to learn. You may even travel long distances with this aim in mind. Any dealings with the law should prove to be quite fortunate for you now. You will prepare for such a confrontation skillfully, leaving no loose ends to trip you up.Communications with others are exceedingly fortunate under this influence. Your optimism and positive state of mind bring you good news from others concerning matters of importance. At the same time, everything that you say to others is very positive and reinforcing, which leaves good feelings behind you wherever you go.


Jupiter conjunction Neptune: A sense of compassionMid-November 2016 until end of July 2017: During this time your ideals will be aroused as they seldom are at other times, and you will approach life with a greater sense of compassion. People who cannot help themselves will win your sympathy especially, whether you encounter them personally or through working with others in a charitable enterprise. Your primary concern is to help individuals by giving them a hand. You may be less concerned with transforming the social order that has given rise to the conditions that oppress the people you are dealing with.Your interest in spiritual, religious and mystical philosophy is likely to grow at this time, and you may become involved in a group that is studying these subjects. This world no longer seems to meet your needs adequately, so you have to turn inward to find a world that can give you what you really need. Here, too, you will discover that the ego’s drives for self-gratification and self-assertion may be the major factors in preventing you from getting what you want out of life. At this time the demands of the ego must be quieted at least a little, so you can hear what the inner self is really saying.Unfortunately there is another side to this influence, which you should watch for. Some people develop a feeling of false happiness, like living in the dream world of an opium smoker, with no basis in reality. You may feel that everything is all right when it is not, or you may feel that you can do anything you want and get away with it. That is why this influence is often associated with gambling or taking risks with limited resources, often with disastrous results. This is not a very good time for investments, not because you will necessarily lose out, but because you just won’t know for sure, and you will be tempted to gamble even when it is a poor risk. For the same reason, in business deals be sure you are not the victim of a massive misrepresentation.With this influence it is best to avoid purely selfish concerns, for when your actions are thus motivated you are most likely to encounter its negative side.

Short Report – Forecast July 2016 to December 2016

for Nell Bell (female)
born on 19 October 1949 local time: 8:15 am
in Sydney, AUSTL U.T.: 22-15
151e13, 33s52 sid. time: 10:08:07

Planetary positions

planet sign degree motion
Sun Libra 25°11’52 in house 11 direct
Moon Virgo 13°35’28 in house 10 direct
Mercury Libra 7°03’33 in house 11 direct
Venus Sagittarius 9°42’06 in house 12 direct
Mars Leo 25°20’13 in house 9 direct
Jupiter Capricorn 23°46’39 in house 2 direct
Saturn Virgo 15°08’19 in house 10 direct
Uranus Cancer 4°59’32 in house 7 retrograde
Neptune Libra 15°17’58 in house 11 direct
Pluto Leo 17°57’43 in house 9 direct
True Node Aries 16°40’02 in house 5 direct

House positions (Placidus)

Ascendant Sagittarius 19°31’50
2nd House Capricorn 11°58’22
3rd House Aquarius 4°12’34
Imum Coeli Aquarius 29°56’14
5th House Aries 2°27’06
6th House Taurus 11°30’57
Descendant Gemini 19°31’50
8th House Cancer 11°58’22
9th House Leo 4°12’34
Medium Coeli Leo 29°56’14
11th House Libra 2°27’06
12th House Scorpio 11°30’57


Pluto trine Saturn End of January 2015 until beginning of December 2016
Pluto square Neptune Beginning of February 2015 until mid-December 2016
Jupiter trine Jupiter End of December 2015 until mid-August 2016
Uranus opposition Sun Beginning of July 2016 until beginning of March 2018
Jupiter conjunction Mercury From 8 October 2016 until 17 October 2016
Jupiter conjunction Neptune Mid-November 2016 until end of July 2017


Dealing with Grief, Loss and Death in Recovery

My Recovery Network has recently dealt with the death of a dear friend. He graduated from the program the only way one can, by passing on into the next stage of existence clean and sober.The unfortunate truth of a life of sobriety is that you will hear of, know and love many people, friends and loved ones who pass away. More than those who are not in the program. This is just the nature of this disease. Some will die from natural causes, some will die from other diseases like cancer, but many of them will lose the battle to Drugs and Alcohol.The fortunate part about Recovery and working a good program is that we develop a huge network of close, real friends that we can lean on. We can help each other through the grief. In active addiction it would have been an excuse to drink and use more. In Recovery it is a teachable moment that shows us in times of trial and heart ache we need to use the tools we have been taught. We must work our program. We must do these things so that we may be of help to other suffering addicts and alcoholics.The hardest part for me when faced with death is the finality of the fact that I know I will never see or talk to that person again. I know they are in a better place. I have personal grief, but more importantly I grieve for the families.

Source: Dealing with Grief, Loss and Death in Recovery

Twenty-Second Blog: The Acupuncture Experience

Really quite remarkable to me actually and I thought you might appreciate the experience.  As always its up to you to decide what treatments are right for you.  I assure you if you have a preconceived notion something might not work.  You will be correct.  Your body will respond to what the mind is ready to comprehend.  That’s why I am cautious about over researching anything until I have my own experience.  Lets be honest, things we read will not convince us of anything without resonance, and resonance requires an experience.  Those damn comfort zones really aren’t doing anyone any good in my opinion.  It seems to me when we actually step out of the box is when the light actually warms us. Here are a few articles for those researchers and data gatherers for you to consider.  Turns out that acupuncture has been around for thousands of years.  Lost in a pharmaceutical feeding frenzy designed to make things faster and easier…Ironic to me that we find in a society filled with convenience that the easiest things in life are rarely the best things.  It is indeed time for many to wake up to the responsibility of our magnificence. Its easy to get cramps while stuffed into those boxes.  lol  Maybe acupuncture can help you with that. HaSo my overall rating of acupuncture…two enthusiastic thumbs up…or the litmus test I consider the most powerful in my heart….Yes I would and did recommend it to my Mother…lol

Source: Twenty-Second Blog: The Acupuncture Experience

OpenIDEO – How might we reimagine the end-of-life experience for ourselves and our loved ones? – Death on the ICU

I have been looking at old graphics lately and many showed relatively peaceful, beautiful death. I were thinking of the misrepresentation and then I realised that many would be accurate images and that the ugliness  today often resulted from a) the sterility and formality and overcrowded environment of ICU b) the ludicrous and ugly procedures that extend the hours of ” life”. Lynne.

When I worked briefly as a Buddhist chaplain in a Medical ICU I was shocked by the suffering I watched every day as families anguished over what to do next.  There are no words to adequately describe an ICU death.  It is most often preceded by medical interventions that are barbaric – machines, wires, drugs, and pumps sustain a body until bereft family members can find a way to stop the aggressive medical treatment and let nature take its course, often feeling like they are committing a crime rather than releasing someone from prison.  The ICU is no place for siblings or children to have conversations about what a parent or loved one would have wanted at this point. It’s like trying to teach a drowning man to swim.  The die is cast.What if families talked about end of life care over dinner? What if priests and rabbis and pastors fostered values-based “upstream” conversations not just about how we want to live but how we want to die, knowing they are intimately connected?  What if it was not taboo to talk about the kind of treatment you want – or don’t want – before you die?  How can we help families, neighbors, faith communities and clinicians to stop being fearful, maybe stop wasting time watching television or shopping and turn attention to the most important event that we will all inevitably face?

Source: OpenIDEO – How might we reimagine the end-of-life experience for ourselves and our loved ones? – Death on the ICU

To the Person Who Thinks Chronic Pain ‘Can’t Be That Bad’ – Private Health Care

By Krissy PurcellWhen she is angry, she makes my days hell and my nights sleepless. She attacks me when I least expect it, especially if I’m lulled into a sense of security. She follows me everywhere, every day to the point where I truly cannot remember a time that I lived totally out of her clutches.She is cruel. She cares little for family occasions, first dates, social events and the like. She perhaps forces me to stay home, or she makes sure she is right there with me, ensuring I don’t forget her presence for a moment.She’s been a silent witness to some of the most remarkable and agonizing moments of my life.She’s always here.

Source: To the Person Who Thinks Chronic Pain ‘Can’t Be That Bad’ – Private Health Care

Liver Cancer Found in Hepatitis C Patients on New Antivirals

RECOMMENDATIONSEMA Expands Review of New HCV DrugsNew Hep C Treatments Cause Adverse Effects in the ElderlyNew Treatments Not Enough to Eliminate Hepatitis CMy AlertsClick the topic below to receive emails when new articles are available.Add “Hepatitis C Virus (HCV)”RELATED DRUGS & DISEASESHepatitis CChronic Hepatitis C PathologyPediatric Hepatitis CIn this cohort, 237 patients were infected with hepatitis C genotype 1, 191 had received previous antiviral treatment, and 59 had been successfully treated for hepatocellular carcinoma.Contrast-enhanced ultrasonography and CT scans or MRIs were performed at baseline to exclude active hepatocellular carcinoma, and then again 12 and 24 weeks after treatment.During the follow-up period, 26 of the 344 patients (7.6%) were diagnosed with hepatocellular carcinoma. This included 17 of the 59 patients previously treated for hepatocellular carcinoma, and nine of the 285 patients (3.2%) with no history of carcinoma.There was no association between recurrence and hepatitis C genotype, direct-acting antiviral regimen, or treatment response for patients who did not develop hepatocellular carcinoma or for those who did. The sustained viral response rate at 12 weeks was 89% in the two groups.For patients with a history of hepatocellular carcinoma, those who developed a recurrence were significantly younger than those who did not (56 vs 73 years), were more frequently treatment-experienced (88.2% vs 61.9%), and had more advanced liver fibrosis at baseline.More patients who developed hepatocellular carcinoma during the follow-up period, regardless of history, had advanced cirrhosis than those who did not, indicated by a Child-Pugh class B score (26.9% vs 10.1%; P =.02). They also had more liver stiffness, indicated by a measure above 21.3 Kpa (61.5% vs 31.8%; P = .005), and fewer platelets at baseline (102.3 vs 124.4 × 1000/mm³; P = .02).Second StudyIn the Spanish study, all 58 hepatitis C patients had a history of hepatocellular carcinoma (with complete radiologic response), and all but three were cirrhotic at the start of direct-acting antiviral therapy. After a median follow-up of 5.7 months, the rate of tumor recurrence was 27.6%, with a median time to recurrence of 3.5 months. The sustained viral response rate at 12 weeks was 97.5%.In their publication, the Spanish authors note that these findings “raise a concern about the benefits” of direct-acting antiviral therapy in the subgroup of hepatitis C patients with a history of hepatocellular carcinoma. Although the therapies “offer a major hope for current and future patients, we may face a drawback that may change these predictions in specific groups of patients,” they point out.Dr Brillanti said he is less concerned. “Clones of the hepatocellular carcinoma were present before the therapy,” he pointed out, suggesting that direct-acting antivirals simply accelerated their inevitable progression. Either way, he said, an increased risk for hepatocellular carcinoma should not deter clinicians or patients from pursuing treatment with direct-acting antivirals when it is needed.”This is a different cancer than elsewhere in oncology — it is a cancer within an advanced chronic disease — so the prognosis, the life expectancy, is related not only to the liver cancer but also to the liver disease and liver function,” he explained. “If you don’t treat these patients and ameliorate their liver function, and if hepatocellular carcinoma occurs, you have no chance of curing them. But if you ameliorate liver function and they develop hepatocellular carcinoma, you can cure it better because their improved liver function will allow an ablation.”This finding is “quite striking and unexpected, but we have to be cautious,” said Laurent Castera, MD, PhD, from Hôpital Beaujon in Clichy, France, who is vice-secretary of the European Association for the Study of the Liver, and was not involved with the research.”It is potentially worrying, but these are retrospective studies, with possible referral bias, and no long-term follow-up,” he told Medscape Medical News.Dr Brillanti reports receiving research grants from Gilead Sciences and being on the advisory board for Janssen and Gilead Sciences. Dr Castera reports serving on the speaker’s bureau for Echosens.International Liver Congress (ILC) 2016: Abstract LBP506. Presented April 14, 2016.

Source: Liver Cancer Found in Hepatitis C Patients on New Antivirals