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Today, I somehow changed. As Jefferson Airplane said. I’m just not the same.

I did the NA meeting. Dani D has broken her wrist so John drove us both. Its only in Urunga. Then Kaybee and the Girls picked me up and we did Urunga shops and ate at the bakery and came back to the Shack and did craft stuff and talked.

It was one cold day – for here on the Mid North Coast.

I am still free from the corrosive thread of fear which had me enthralled since the morning I saw him beside the road under the blue sheet.

I feel as if I have been walking shrouded and bemused for a long time. These years have changed me. Somehow.

I will never again be as I once was and I sit now with the wraiths as companions but I am at ease and my spiritual sight is clearer.

So the Kraken awoke. I can be the Kraken’s Daughter.