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No, You Are Not an Hysterical Female, and This Is Not Just Anxiety

I am posting this one because i believe we all need to begin speaking up. Izzy was 57 kilos the day before he died. He also saw a doctor that day. He had seen several doctors over the time I knew him  and this was the final one who complimented him on his weight loss, his running and his diet whilst  ignored the hair falling out and the visible illness and sent him home.

The next morning he set off on his usual run and collapsed with a major heart attack and died in the Forest. The autopsy showed very advanced heart disease.

Izzy had been hospitalised for a night in 2008 with a suspected heart attack and had a mother die before the age of 50 from heart.




“He’s working with a med student shadowing him today. Do you mind being seen by her first?”In the spirit of education, I said, “No, of course not.”She had long strawberry blond hair and big glasses. We talked. “What brought you here today?” she asked. “Well, I was seen in the ER three weeks ago for a blood clot in my leg and they told me I needed to follow up.” I watched her write down “Deep Vein Thrombosis.””It wasn’t a deep vein thrombosis, but they did find a blood clot, and told me to follow up with you.”She marked out “Deep Vein Thrombosis” and led me through my recent history since the Bad Fall Onto My Head on November 1st: concussion, double vision, vertigo, blood clot, and now this follow up, which also added recent chest pains to the list.”Yes, a tight band of severe pain across my chest on the least exertion — going to get a cup a tea can cause it. Feels like your lungs feel in extreme cold when you have bronchitis and you take a deep breath. Significant pain and then I have to lie down for it to resolve.”The doctor came in after a bit and explained things more thoroughly with this new audience, teaching while not listening, rather than just not listening.

Source: No, You Are Not an Hysterical Female, and This Is Not Just Anxiety

“Digest” These Tips for a Healthy Metabolism | TCM World

Western “expert” advice about nutrition tips for weight loss is significantly different from Eastern advice. Here’s what traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) recommends for maintaining good digestive health and a strong metabolism function. Over time, these TCM-based eating habits can help keep off excess weight by optimizing metabolism function!Tip # 1: Eat only warm, cooked vegetables and roasted nuts.

Source: “Digest” These Tips for a Healthy Metabolism | TCM World

i was so much older then – tonight i mourn


I had best just keep getting younger and younger because OLD just isn’t worth the effort. I had a tearful day today. Just wanted to cry. I had begun to SHIMMER as J.B. used to say but now – I figure – I am so much younger now than I was this afternoon.


can’t write tonight. Hands cramped and seized and claw-like. Bum.

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Ah – a little better. I would just like to cry tonight. I am afraid of the seizures coming back. My Lass and me had a kind of messy day together. The Doc I went to see was truly horrible and useless. We shopped where Iz and I shopped and where he went on Thursdays for his work provisions for his men. I have become too TIRED this week and the Emotions have the edge on me. Seems like nothing is going right but it is only tiredness whispering to me.And now, for sitting and crying.



Origins in ‘quiet time’

In suggesting prayer and meditation as the primary practices for “conscious contact” with a Higher Power, Bill was influenced by the morning “quiet time” practiced by members of the Oxford Group, a movement dedicated to rediscovering the principles of early Christianity. Bill had probably read How to Listen to God, an Oxford pamphlet that listed basic conditions for quiet time: “To be quiet and still. To listen. To be honest about every thought that comes. To test the thoughts to be sure that they come from God. To obey.”

Bill echoed this openness to spiritual direction in his instructions for prayer and meditation on pages 85-88 of the Big Book. Admitting that it “would be easy to be vague” about these subjects, Bill tried to boil down his knowledge of spiritual practice into a short list of “definite and valuable suggestions” relating to Step Eleven. These he organized under three basic headings: what to do first thing in the morning, what to do throughout the day, and what to do at night before going to sleep.

At night

During his lectures about Step Eleven, Holmquist emphasizes the unity of the Steps. In fact, Steps Four to Nine prepare us for most of the processes described in Steps Ten and Eleven. This is especially clear in the Big Book’s list of questions to ask at night, as we review and end each day. For example:

  • Were we resentful, selfish, dishonest or afraid? “This means asking how I did on my Fourth Step today,” says Holmquist.
  • Do we owe an apology? “This is asking about how I did on my Steps Eight and Nine.”
  • Have we kept something to ourselves which should be discussed with another person at once? “This means: How did I do on Step Five today?”

“In Steps Four through Nine, I clean up the wreckage of the past,” Holmquist adds. “In Steps Ten and Eleven, I clean up the wreckage of today–how my imperfections as a human complicate my life. These two Steps define what it means to completely give ourselves to this simple program.”

STEP 11.


The main thing that has brought me to tears is trying to make things work the way I want them to. When they didn’t, I wanted to cry and ended up hands cramped.  I am at a new stage post death and coma. I can feel that. I have improved another stage . Now I just need to programme myself a little more vigilantly again.





And tonight I mourn. Tonight I weep and howl and cry and sob. 


I wasn’t expecting this sorrowing. Didn’t have my eyes open for the sharks in the surf.